The Phoenix Project
The award winning breast cancer project, the Phoenix Project, started in 2003 and provides free mammogram screening, diagnostic procedures and treatment as well as clinical breast examination, breast health education and treatment. Over the last 8 years the program has reached over 24,000 women and provided free screening to approximately 4,300 women. In 2012 Phoenix Project provided 740 mammograms on site, the results included 10 abnormal mammograms: 5 of them stage III, 3 stage II, one stage I, and one a benign mass. Eighty-two percent of the women participating in the Phoenix Project were having their first mammogram and 28% of them had never heard of a mammogram before coming to HOPE Clinic and 76% said they haven't had a mammogram before because of cost and lack of insurance.
B-Free Houston
The liver cancer and hepatitis B prevention project called, B-Free Houston addresses the high incidence of hepatitis B in the Asian community by providing free screening, immunizations and treatment. Since 2008 it screened over 3,000 patients for hepatitis B and provided over 4,500 immunizations. To date HOPE Clinic has over 350 HBV patients under treatment. A cost effectiveness evaluation of the program showed that HOPE Clinic saved $1,657.35 per patient, when compared with the screening and diagnosis in a private physician's office or secondary care center (HOPE $663 cost versus $2320).
Jade Circle Project
The cervical cancer prevention project, Jade Circle, is a new initiative that started in 2011 to address the fact that Vietnamese women have the highest incidence of cervical cancer. Since 2012 HOPE Clinic provided 2500 Pap tests 13% were abnormal (compared with 6% national average) and over 100 colposcopies were performed. The average time to follow up was 11 days from the date of Pap smear (compared with the baseline of 5 weeks in 2009, before this project was implemented). Jade Circle saved a total of $380 per patient for each colposcopy performed at HOPE Clinic, compared with private practice, in addition to saving time and stress to our female patients.
The Pink Lotus Project
HOPE Clinic recognizes the great need to address teen pregnancy and repeat teen-pregnancy in our community. In 2013 HOPE started a project called "The Pink Lotus Project" to provide a safe environment of care for teenage girls who need gynecological or obstetric care. This project is a collaboration between the pediatric and the OBGYN departments in an effort to prevent teen pregnancies in our community and increase early entry in to prenatal care. The program is championed by Dr. Hillary Boswell , MD and will be open throughout the week and one Saturday a month. The lotus in China is representative of cleanliness and creativity in adverse surroundings; It also symbolizes the flower rising above the obstacles of daily life to a higher state of being.